Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Emperor's Home inside the Forbidden City

Doesn't look very comfortable does it, the Chinese may have invented gun powder but not the Lazy Boy recliner
A couple of pictures of beds. They keep these rooms dark to preserve the textiles and the only way you could see anything was to look through your camera.
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Scenes from the Summer Palace 2006

The Marble Boat, the story we were told was that the Empress almost bankrupted the country building this boat that doesn't float. I assume that there is something under it to keep it up since it isn't sinking.
We took a ride around the lake in this boat ( this one floats). The lake is man made and all the dirt was piled up on one side to make a hill and the building in the next picture is on that hill.
In 2006 when we were here they were doing a lot of repairs to the buildings before the 2008 Olympics. The scaffolding is made of bamboo.
A bridge at the Summer Palace.
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Monday, August 27, 2007

You won't go hungry in China ( but if like me, you drink iced tea, you may go thirsty)

Peking Duck
All our meals were served this way, the food all sits on a large lazy-susan . Each table seats 10 people.
Believe it or not, that is a Coke bottle and some Chinese beer. My son drinks dark beer so he didn't care for this one.
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Locks on the Great Wall

I never did get a good answer as to why people put these locks with red ribbon near the entrance to the Great Wall. I did read somewhere that it was good luck. There were hundreds of them.
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Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Great Wall just a few miles from Beijing

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You can get an idea of the height of the climb by looking at the parking lot where our bus is parked.
Notice how worn the steps are, not bad for 2000 years.
This is why it is so difficult to climb the wall, the steps vary in height from a few inches to close to 2 feet. This was done so that an invading army couldn't get into a rhythm of marching to climb and attack. The guard towers also were put the distance of 2 arrow flights apart so that any part of the wall could be defended by the archers.
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Along the top of the Great Wall
You can see several miles of the wall from this point. You can also see the terrible air pollution they have.
The start of the climb, I got to the top of this part where the tower is and decided to stop there and visit with the people as they went by.
My son took this picture from one of the higher points. I am sitting in front of the tower visiting with people from all over the world.
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Writing with water on slate courtyard at the Summer Palace outside of Beijing

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This is the Chinese equivalent of our Capitol Building. The people are standing on Tiananmen Square and to the right of this is the Forbidden City.
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This is the way I expected the people in China to look and dress but after I got here, this was unusual enough to take their picture.
A group of monks chatting on a street corner in Shanghai, notice the people around them, they could be any where in the world. Now take a look at the monk's shoes, not the leather sandals that you would expect.
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A very fancy manhole cover in Shanghai. ( someone that read this says it is in Beijing instead of Shanghai. We were in both places so I have gotten some of them confused).
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Monday, August 6, 2007

Time out for surgery

I haven't been posting because of my right arm being in a cast, I find that I do not do very well with my left hand. I had problems with nerve compression in my elbow and hand and will get the cast off in about another week. Later.